Man in Nature


More art and reflections from Eco-Art. 🙂


My self-portrait was me as the Green Man. I’ve always been fascinated with this symbol showing that humanity is at one with nature, and I’ve often taken the nickname Treegod on some forums.


The next picture was an experience I had recently watch about sixty ravens flocking together to migrate. They were hanging around the cliffs above my home.


The two pieces of art woven together, showing that experience and experiencer are united.

I call the artwork “Man in Nature”.  I really get a sense of identity, that my person is really a part of my natural attractions, that my experience of seeing the ravens (and this happens every autumn) isn’t just something I experienced, it is something I am connected and identified with.

When “man is in nature” I don’t mean an object within a context, I mean that this man and humanity in general are completely submerged in nature and cannot be separated from it. I have a sense that I am myself a collection of webstrings and that they run through and beyond me, and perhaps what I call “boundaries” are just another type of connection.

The “deepening of bonds” arises naturally from this awareness, with no need to “use” it. Or maybe it isn’t deepening of bonds, but deepening the awareness of the bonds we already have. We already have deep bonds with everything and everyone around us, but we aren’t always aware of that.

This really reinforces and makes real the idea that observed and observer are really part of the same expression of reality. When we experience something, we are part of that experience. What I feel corresponds well to what I think. I feel that the experience of the ravens is something that is very much within me and part of me, and I a part of it.

I think we often go day-to-day without considering how deeply we affect and are affected by the world. Each day has a deeper affect on me than I care to consider, and this is worth really taking notice of and deepening my awareness and understanding of it.


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