Depth Politics – Roots of Conflict

Politics is all about conflict, and there are thousands of different conflicts present in politics (below I present a “small” selection). Every political system and ideology expresses some sort of conflict or another that has to be resolved in society, and we prioritise them and take sides.

Political theorists look at history, pinpointing the conflict/s that they feel define history, but usually at the expense of other conflicts. Usually their analyses look at the workings of the political and economic systems in an attempt to improve them or provide alternatives. They talk about how they work, how they should work and what would be best, yet very few reach into the psychological roots of conflict.

These conflicts aren’t just aspects of our society, the are present within us, emanating from us into society and our political systems. If we don’t resolve these issues within us at the root and in our most immediate and intimate relationships, there’s little hope for them to resolved in the world. Below are a list of conflicts, many of which have deep historical roots, and all of which are very much active today, but they all have a little space within us, and will continue to do so, whether we live in a republic or a monarchy, dictatorship or democracy.

It’s very easy to see these issues at work in society at large, but what about within us?
man vs woman
masculine vs feminine
adults vs children
human vs nature
cultural vs natural
technological vs ecological
sustainability vs consumerism
domestication vs wildness
organic vs artificial
urban vs rural
agriculture vs industry
producer vs consumer
owner vs worker
public vs private
rich vs poor
self-sufficiency vs trade
leisure vs work
solidarity vs bargaining
elitism vs equality
individual vs collective
foreign vs native
history vs progress
tradition vs innovation
stability vs change
cosmopolitan vs provincial
global vs local
centralism vs federalism
control vs democracy
security vs liberty
justice vs freedom
rights vs responsibility
economic vs social vs ecological values
needs vs wants
science vs religion
spiritual vs secular
collaboration vs competition
thoughts vs feelings
reflection vs reaction
strength vs sensitivity
beliefs vs experience
verbal vs non-verbal

To name just a few!


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