Forest Weaving


I went for a little walk around the forest, picking up things as I went. I even cut a few hazel sticks to use for the structure. I call the finished art Forest Weaving.

Forest Weaving feels like the forest in mobile form. I am in my house, the forest is outside, and yet the forest is also in here with me. The various components aren’t separate but comprise parts of the same being. It is the forest in the form of a web in the same way I am the universe in the form of a human.

In a way that each individual thing is a unique microcosm of the macrocosm, I can see the distinction between me and Forest Weaving, it is there and I am here, yet we are unique representations of the macrocosm, of the forest surrounding us, the Earth we exist on and the whole Universe.

There is a common identity shared throughout nature, and we all share in the same being. This doesn’t undermine or dissolve our differences, but enhances them. And our differences don’t separate us but make us unique expressions of the whole.

With this awareness I don’t feel so different or separated from others, I feel we all share a commonality that cannot be shaken off with losing Being. We are all participants in the Same Thing, not separate objects floating around, at times interacting, at times not.

I have an essential identity that I share with others. I feel  a sense of common participation with all things. I feel this is an essential part of who and what we are. Harmony is more essential to existence than disharmony. When we feel harmony deep down, we are in contact with out common  identity. It reminds me to pay attention to when I feel harmonious and when not.





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