The Call of Toland

Three hundred years ago John Toland stood on Primrose Hill calling for a gathering of Druids a year and a day hence, to meet on the 22 September 1717 in The Apple Tree Tavern in London, on which day druids from all over the British Isles and also Brittany met together to formally take Druidry out of centuries of hiding. The same meeting from which The Druid Order and the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids draw their origins – or so the story goes.

Historically, there’s little to say this actually happened, but each detail is significant in the history of the Druid Revival – John Toland, Primrose Hill and 1717 are all significant to modern Druidry. The above event represents a synthesis of things that have gone into the DNA of modern druidry.

So here I give my own “Primrose Hill” call to druids all over the world, that a year and a day hence – 22nd Sept 2017, Autumn Equinox – we celebrate three hundred years of the revival of the ancient druid ways! (nothing official, just a recognition of the significance of this date).







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