(Nature Connected Activities in Tarragona)

Last month we walked along Playa Larga near Tarragona and had several nationalities: a Dutch couple, a Portuguese, a Greek, several Spaniards, a Venezuelan, a Scotsman, an Englishman (yours truly) and a Swiss woman (Mika) – it sounds like the beginning of a complex bar joke (but it wasn’t, lol).  It was a beautiful place with forest right next to the sea. This month we go to the Febró ravine; I’ll tell you about that.

Recently we had our first NCAT English meet up. We were asked recently if we had outings specifically for speaking English, so we obliged and created a new branch of NCAT. This group is more for people that want to practice their English in an informal setting. We do have a few exercises to learn some basics, but just something simple whilst we walk. There’s plenty of extranjeros (foreigners, like me) that want to learn Spanish, so why not an NCAT Spanish?

We also have NCAT Eco-Art; the first workshop will be the end of this month. Here we use natural materials to create works of art (mandalas, “touchscapes”, etc.), but working with ecopsychological principles by becoming aware of the natural world around us with senses little used!

Here are the links for each group:

NCAT – for excursions and activities out in nature.

NCAT English – excursions in nature, learning and practicing English.

NCAT Ecoart – artistic activities in nature, combining natural materials with ecopsychological principles.

Jane’s Journey

The other day I saw Jane’s Story on DVD (El viaje de Jane).

Of course I’ve heard of Jane Goodall, of course I know that she has worked with chimpanzees, but I didn’t know the activist side of her work, which extends to more than just protecting chimps and their habitats. Through projects like Roots and Shoots she’s working to educate and give people a way to take initiative.

The only reason we need to “save the chimps/whales/planet” is because we aren’t saving ourselves. If we would “save ourselves” the planet wouldn’t have so many problems. And in a way that’s what Jane Goodall has been doing, giving people the opportunity to “save themselves”, and not become another cause of problems on this beautiful planet.