The Iceberg

The ego is just the tip of the iceberg, a fragment that thinks it’s a whole; the individual is deeper and broader than the ego, as the iceberg is deeper and broader than the tip. But the ego doesn’t always recognise this, so everything that it doesn’t recognise as “self” must be “other”, and so the unconscious is projected outside. Once the ego learns a bit of humility it’s limits can be punctured and then begins the work of integration.

When we are “educated” (read conditioned) all those unwanted qualities get hidden in the unconscious, and rest there until rediscovery. Perhaps confidence was buried; perhaps gentleness was hidden; perhaps curiosity and creativity were deftly swept under the carpet. And we learn to live with this and get on with our lives, even if we feel unsatified with our lot. We have within us treasures awaiting discovery.

Also, the ego interferes with the unconscious as it tries to impose itself on the world within and also the world without, but cutting itself off from its treasures hidden in the unconscious – until it can learn a bit of humility and learn that it belongs to something deeper, higher and wider than itself. Then the conscious and unconscious can become well functioning parts of a whole that is the Self in the process of Individuation.

After Life

There are two ways to interpret this: will I still exist after I die? or in what sort of state will I be leaving the world in?

Both concern continuity, but one is continuity of an ego, whilst the other is continuity of world and my actions in it. When I think of dying, am I thinking of myself or of the world? Which is more important?

My priorities have changed, and now my concerns have become far less “unworldly” and now I look more to what is happening in the world and how I leave it behind. The afterlife can wait, if there is one. I am “incarnated”, and I will not dishonour this incarnation by seeking something has no relevance to my living, breathing, bodily existence.

So when I ask myself “what next” it is always about the after-life that lives beyond my mortal limit, the continuity that transcends me. I am living a life and from this living arise consequences that will affect those that live after me; I don’t live in a bubble where I don’t affect the world and the world doesn’t affect me.

Continuity is found in the living breathe embodiments that live beyond and after me; it is a flame that passes down through time, and it my honour to carry this flame for a while and then pass it to others.