Élocution Française

“I like this new word I learnt: t(r)empête.”

“You mean tempête, not trompette.”

“I didn’t say trompette, I said t(r)empête.”

“There’s a difference between trompette and tempête.”

“Yes, I know: t(r)empête and trompette. See?

“No! You did it again. There’s no ‘r’ in tempête.”

“That’s right, that’s what I said, t(r)empête.”

“No! TEMpête. TROMpette. Right, say tronc.”


“Now say temps, as in le temps.”

Temps. Le temps.

“Good. Now say tempête.”




“Is it really that difficult?”


Then I had problems with pour, first of all saying it like pur but later it started to rhyme with encore, neither of which is right. I won’t tell you how I got on with cou (neck) and cul (bum), it’s a right pain in the…

Now repeat after me: Gros gras grand grain d’orge, tout gros-gras-grand-grain-d’orgerisé, quand te dé-gros-gras-grand-grain-d’orgeriseras-tu? Je me dé-gros-gras-grand-grain-d’orgeriserai quand tous les gros gras grands grains d’orge se seront dé-gros-gras-grand-grain-d’orgerisés.