Jake Fish

Just finished and published another story for Jake Fish: The Day of the Missing Paperclip. It’s soon time to wrap things up. Last year I started my TAG journey, which included a story on Jake Fish being propelled out of his nice, safe life into Imagi-nation. It’s been a transformative experience for him, either that or he’s gone mad, and a good opportunity for me to express myself through art and story.

You can check out Jake Fish’s story here: Fish Out of Water and to see my fellow artists own work through their own journeys just go here: The Travelling Artists Guild. It’ll soon be ended but you can still go back to these blogs and see the work that has been done.

Training Starts Here

Well, a new blog. Another blog.

In The Grove of Quotes my writing is more long articles, The Blackbirds Perch is all about my poetry and Jake Fish Out of Water is specifically for stories about Jake (soon to be finished), but none of them are for more informal thoughts, so I thought I should make another blog for that, just for writing about subjects that come to mind.

This parallels my work in OBOD’s Druid grade. I’m not going to reflect on the course itself as I go through it, but I thought I should do this blog in parallel to it, using the course sometimes as seedthoughts for blogs here, or else I can just write anything that’s on my mind.