Reading and Writing Novels

Doing the Novel Writing course with the London School of Journalism has been very interesting for me; I’m going through a step by step process, learning some of the technical bits of writing stories (the imagination part, the story and its background, I have no need to learn about, lol), how to use the words, how to “use” the characters and situations to explain bits about the world and the story. It brings its own challenges too.

I like dialogue, and I like action, to read. Description of scenery and people I don’t like because part of the magic of reading, for me, is that I can fill in the blanks*. Often a book will describe something but my imagination has already decided what something looks like, and I just can’t shake it off and replace it with something I’m reading. What I’d skip in some books I’m trying not to put too much emphasis in my own writing. Each writer has their own style.

*description of a world in a sort of historical-cultural overview is a different matter.

It’s an Author Thing…

Just finished the first chapter of The Novel. Sent it off to my tutor at the London School of Journalism, which is a relief as I had written most of it, but hadn’t got round to finishing off the end and was trying to find the time in which to do it.

So far it’s a stone age in a fantasy world of my own creation, the fantasy starting with the type of animals I am inventing (oh and extraterrestrial “soul mirrors”, but that’s for another time). I found some cards with different animals in them and, as a challenge, I took two and made a different creature out of them by combining them. There was a dog x tiger, a deer x frog, a peacock x crow, dolphin x spider, fish x butterfly, bear x goat and a monkey x caribou. I can’t imagine a caribou swinging through the trees, but I’ll give it a try!

Somehow I’ve got to make the credibly outlandish, and yet not too outlandish, and that’s the challenge. I think I have actually managed to sort out the combo of hooves and webbed-feet for the deer x frog, and if I can do that I think I don’t see the others as impossible.