New Year, New Direction

I started this blog for a couple of reasons. I felt I needed something where I could share my thoughts, but not with so much depth as The Grove of Quotes. Also it was made to accompany me through my work through OBOD‘s Druid grade (third and final grade that I started a little over two years ago). Now I’m coming to the end of the course I can reflect a little on where this blog has been and where it will go.

This blog has helped me express some thoughts I encountered in the course, sharing ideas on learning and creating languages, sharing other creative endeavours such as art and stories, and so on. And I shall carry on, but my focus will be changing. The course is ending, but the process of becoming a Druid is just starting. I have aquired the tools, now it’s the time to apply them in my life. For that reason “druid in training” is still apt.

In the new year I’ll be starting a course in Ecopsychology (Mika has just finished it) and we’ll be do more activities combining art with ecopsychological insight (Ecoart workshops). We’ll also be working with CEN (as mentioned in a previous post) and continuing our development of a sustainable ecological project, and so taking my druidry into action.

Happy New Year!

Time Moves…

Times always moving, you noticed that? You blink and miss it, until you realise that amongst all the other things you’re doing you also have a blog (at leastr one in my case). So between inventing languages, doing art, gardening, going to presentations and workshops, and working through a couple of courses (OBOD Druid Grade as well as Psychosynthesis) I have blogs to maintain too.

Recently someone told me that in Spain we must have 36 hours days with so much going on. Ojalá… [I wish…]

Until next time!

The Spiritual Life and Living Spirituality

A few times I hear things like “I’ve got to put aside my spirituality for a while and concentrate on real life.” One time I spoke to a mother and she said to me “I used to be into spiritual stuff but then I became a mother. But now the kids are older I’m able to explore spiritual stuff again.” Makes me wonder what she meant by “spiritual”, is caring for and educating the next generarion somehow unspiritual? I suppose she meant she couldn’t meditate, do ritual or contemplate the meaning of life whilst she was meditating on the growth, care and development of her children, which is very understandable, just not unspiritual. Quite the opposite I feel.

In an OBOD context I’ve seen people saying “I’m putting aside the course because I need to sort some things out in my life”, but sometimes it is said in a way that means their whole spiritual journey is put on hold while they sort out “real life issues”. I can understand the course itself being put aside, because doing a course like that does take time and energy to do, but the course, or the journey of which it is a part of, doesn’t disapear, it just takes on more living dimensions.

I made the suggestion to one person that they hadn’t put the course aside but that they were just going deeper into the subject matter, that of life itself.

The Modern Druid

I think some while ago I said I’d say something about what a Modern Druid is, when the Ancient Druids are extinct.

Modern Druidry has several faces with different approaches to their own style of Druidry: some are in the form of mystery schools, some as Mason-like lodges, some emphasise more shamanic or pagan paths, others are quite eclectic, and there are some that aren’t spiritual or religious paths but are part of the cultural traditions of the modern Celtic countries. But they all are very modern creations, the earliest of which appeared in the 1700’s Druid Revival. If you search on the Internet you’ll find lots of different groups and organisations all with “druidic” interests.

I am a member of OBOD, currently in the Druid grade, and this is a way of formalizing my Druidry. I am guided through three grades: Bard, Ovate and Druid, each of which concentrates on certain druidic subjects and reflect well the structure of my own journey, even from before joining OBOD. I feel its graded structure reflects something of what I have been through, so it feels very natural.

Through being a Bard I began my journey of self-discovery and creativity. Through being an Ovate I learnt of my connection to nature, and gained insights into myself and the world around me. Through being a Druid I am learning of a sense of responsibility and service to the world, to humanity and Gaia.

This is a very brief view into Modern Druidry, the three grades of Bard, Ovate and Druid, and my own journey, so I shall revisit this in the future, especially as I advance through OBOD’s Druid grade.

Training Starts Here

Well, a new blog. Another blog.

In The Grove of Quotes my writing is more long articles, The Blackbirds Perch is all about my poetry and Jake Fish Out of Water is specifically for stories about Jake (soon to be finished), but none of them are for more informal thoughts, so I thought I should make another blog for that, just for writing about subjects that come to mind.

This parallels my work in OBOD’s Druid grade. I’m not going to reflect on the course itself as I go through it, but I thought I should do this blog in parallel to it, using the course sometimes as seedthoughts for blogs here, or else I can just write anything that’s on my mind.