The Seed Thought

Seed thoughts, by definition, are incomplete; they are packages of potential that have a lot of growing to do. They are not there to make others understand; they are there to make others think, and think for themselves. Some of my blog posts are like that: incomplete, lots of room to grow, for interpretation and not fully explained. The understanding of others is not in my power, because I don’t have control or responsibility over the minds of others, but what I can do is introduce other thoughts and other ways of thinking. And perhaps, even better, spark interesting dialogue. Perhaps I should do more than hint, and maybe I should explain myself in clearer terms, but then, would you be thinking for yourself or ingesting pre-digested intellect stuff? There are interesting vistas beyond my words, and perhaps it is for that that I leave so many holes in them, to see what lies on the other side…

My Creed in Creeds

Looking back over the history of my beliefs is interesting, especially to see how much has changed. I’ve learnt that beliefs aren’t static statements of who we are and what we think, they are a process, a way of learning about the world and ourselves, and of checking our thoughts with reality.

Some beliefs were mistaken, but others were not, they were the right beliefs at the right time, and I had to go through them. Now if I stayed with those beliefs and not moved that would have been mistaken, and I wouldn’t have come to where I am now – which I feel is where I “should” be. Retrospectively they were not mistaken (no matter how fantastic) because otherwise I might not have got here. They all had something to offer me in some way, but I didn’t need to become obsessed over them.

For each belief I looked deeply into them, seeing how deeply it went and whether I could get any actual nutrition from them. The more nutritious the belief the better it is for me I figured. And they’ve all, in a sense, been nutritious, food for thought indeed. There’s a lot of beliefs out there, and they can all lead us to interesting, beneficial and dangerous results, which is why they must be gone through thoroughly and given no mercy. Who knows what treasure, what stepping stone you might find on your journey?