Questions on Reality

What is your idea of reality? Is it something abstract or something right in front of you and within you?

I just played 20 Questions on a website and decided to test the program on “reality”. The program learns from the answers people give it, and most of the answers other people have given are “no” or “doubtful”.

Can you pick it up? No.

Can you see it? No.

Does it see? No.

Does it exist? Doubtful.

If it slaps you in the face will it hurt??? Maybe.

What are they thinking reality is? That’s the question that’s got me stumped lol.

I answered “Yes” to all the questions because there are lots of things that you can do with reality (or parts of it) and that it does.

Does reality write and read blogs? Yes.


3 thoughts on “Questions on Reality

  1. Is reality, truth? I have been having this discussion with a few friends of mine. Well really the question is “What is truth? Does Truth exist? Can you know Truth?” We talked about the many facets of truth, being like a diamond. But also that your senses block you from really knowing the truth, because you tend to want to avoid pain.

    I also wish that I could convince someone of my truth but truth is not necessarily obvious. It might seem that way but people tend to see “reality” through their own lens, and if they have a emotional attachment to that reality looking or being a certain way, they will tend to want it to remain that way. Even to the point of saying…I don’t want to discuss that…or we will have to agree to disagree.

    I think that fear also distorts this “reality” a great deal…and this is one of the biggest things that I think our senses are hyper sensitive to…and keeps us from know the truth or reality.

    • There’s so much information about reality that to take it in all at once would be confusing, so it’s helpful as entities located in a specific time and space to “filter” what we percieve of reality. Einstein said the time is something that stops everything happening at once lol. Also, I think perception is itself a part of reality, not just a filter for it, otherwise reality is still something distant and “out there”.

      Everyone’s entitled to there own experience of reality, from there own unique view point, in fact I think it’s an essential human quality. At the same time there is something objective, something that is not limited by our view points and no one has a monopoly on it. Even science, which represents the limits of what we can know and how we know it, no what it is.

      When it comes to truth or reality I take a zen stance that reality is what is here and now, I don’t need to interpret beyond this, and my body is an essential way of coming to terms with reality, a touchstone. It may be partial, it may have “issues” and “distortions”, but those are also part of reality. And that, for me, is the challenge of reality, how to integrate objective and subjective, absolute and relative into a whole. My answer is just to live it.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment 🙂

  2. I really appreciate what you say about …”if we were to take reality in all at once it would be confusing.” I remember that this is the issues that people that are Autistic have. I also know that very often those that are on the autistic spectrum are genius or savants…because they are able to focus in one area by blocking out those other areas that create confusion. IMO.

    I also like what you said about Zen. Right now we have started watching the old tv show called Kung Fu. Have you ever scene it? It is interesting because he is redefining what “reality” is, and trying to make people “aware” of where they are in the present moment.

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